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**The above surgery was performed on April 25, 2013 by Dr. George Solomon.  This is the result of an "Avelar" tummy tuck,or Bikini tummy tuck with liposuction.**  

After my procedure I was discharged without post-operative instructions, additionally the person who was supposed to drive me home was not given any instructions. After getting home and within hours of the procedure, I began passing out and was unable to stand without losing consciousness.  After several attempts to contact the office with no response, 911 was called.  I was admitted to the hospital for 2 nights due to severe blood loss, during which I was advised by Dr. Solomon to have a surgical consult. Dr. Solomon was not able to follow up on my care in the hospital as he did not have privileges at the hospital I was taken to.  I was never told what hospital he did have privileges at. What was to follow was weeks without wearing a post operative garment due to the tissue death at the incision site.

The far right picture above is the abnormal painful swelling I experienced because of this. I have never smoked and had stellar blood work results just 5 days prior to the procedure.  There were no pre-existing conditions, therefore surgeon's error would have to be the cause.  I had 6 weeks of wet-to-dry dressings and  3 debridements of the dead tissue.  The end result is that  my abdomen is lumpy, misshapen, discolored scar, additionally there is a significant bulge where a seroma had developed.  The area of necrotic tissue healed into a thick raised red scar (keloid) which cannot be hidden by anything short of brief style underwear or a high swimsuit bottom.  The liposuction he performed was grossly uneven and  I have a huge right hip as seen in the bottom photographs.  After having a second opinion with a highly respected PLASTIC surgeon, I have been told that it would cost in excess of $9000 to have my issues corrected, and there was a possibility he could not fix my unnaturally placed and oddly shaped belly button.   Those costs would be in addition to the thousands of dollars in hospital bills that have already accumulated due to this ordeal.  

After several attempts to schedule my 6 month follow-up appointment with Dr. Solomon, I was told to contact the Tampa facility where he performed it. Oddly enough, that facility no longer exists.  He continues to refuse to perform my post-op care and no one at the practice will return my calls.  I would advise caution before allowing Dr. Solomon to perform any procedure on you or anyone you may know. My results and follow up care have not met any medical standard and I can not in any way recommend his cosmetic procedures.

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"Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon"

not a PLASTIC Surgeon.  Owner of Solomon Cosmetic Center in Palm Harbor, FL. Graduate of Ross University School of Medicine, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies.

12 hrs post-op - hematoma forming


Dehiscence/  Necrosis